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Made for the College Book Art Association's print portfolio/exchange. The exchange folio was published in an edition of 50, with 25 participants.


Edition of 60

Letterpress printed

from magnet & type



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Made for the Academy of Art University 2016 Print Exchange, #13.


Edition of 30

Relief and Letterpress printed from folded acetate, polymer plates and type.




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RECTO/VERSO is a quiet political gesture, a statement in verse, a protest and a plea in words on paper. It connects the book format, in recto and verso, to our political system, the right and the left, using transparency and accident as metaphor.


Edition of 1

Handset in News Gothic

Images printed from magnet, type and polymer





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This is a book about extinction through the lens of one species, the Passenger Pigeon. It is thought that this bird was formerly the most numerous of any species on the planet. The last of its kind, Martha, died at the Cincinnati Zoo in 1914.


Printed in an edition variable of 3, where each complete book contains 6 folded pieces. Monotype and letterpress from type.

With a laser-printed insert.




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Ark First Edition:

ALONE / Becoming the Other in Translation


Made in collaboration with Copenhagen's Ark Books and the design firm Ordered by Colour, this book contains two texts, printed here for the first time: one by Paul Auster, and one by Siri Hustvedt. Structural concept, printing, and binding by Aviary Press.


Edition of 6

Letterpress printed




on view at ark books



Debris is a series of collagraph prints, a video, and a book, using text, printmaking, and photographs to explore garbage and the temporary nature of objects. Made at Druckwerk, in Basel, in and out of the Rhein river, and in Copenhagen.


Prints, edition of 3

Video, limited edition of 8

Book, edition of 32




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RIVER is a book about one river--its origin, fact, and force--but it is also about the relationship between a river and the places it separates and joins together, and the people that recognize it as its own.


Edition of 16

Handset in Medieval type

Hand-inked linoleum

Pochoir titles

Printed at Druckwerk





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we are eating breakfast /

it is the same time everywhere


This is a book about living far away from everyone you know, and experiencing life 9 time zones ahead. It imagines semi-scientific techniques to put everyone on the same schedule.


Edition of 32

Handset type

Antique maps

Printed at Druckwerk




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Late Summer, 1-6:

dusk canal, brick, algae,

reflection, lagoon #2,

boat dock


Printed at the Venice Printmaking Workshop.


Edition of 20

Letterpress printed

Reduction linoleum blocks

Printed in Venice



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all these beautiful pieces of not-nothing


Printed for summer solstice in Basel, Switzerland.


Edition of 40

Letterpress printed from brass rule and lead type

Printed at Druckwerk



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sum-of-parts was made in response to the foreclosure crisis of 2009/10.


Edition of 24

Letterpress printed from handset in type and hand-inked magnets

Box designed by Robert Wechsler and M.A.

Screen printing by Meri Brin and M.A.

San Francisco &

Los Angeles





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Items from 121 Garden Lane


Photographs taken by the author, documenting her grandmother's possessions during the dismantling of the home. Text from a letter written by her grandmother on a road trip from Alaska to San Francisco.


Edition of 30

Handset type and digitally printed text and images

San Francisco




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San Francisco - Malmö - Basel