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HUSH for chamber ensemble Created, letterpress printed, conducted, and video edited by Megan Adie Performed by Ensemble Papier Videography by Margarit Lehmann Edition/Basel 2018, Session 1, HUSH (silence after noise) Recorded at the Kaskadenkondensator Gallery Premiered at the Papiermühle Museum Basel, Switzerland Second performance at Grafiska Sällskapet, Stockholm Performed by members of the Danish/Swedish Printmakers Exchange "over the Øresund" 19. January, 2019 * * * * * * * * * * * * * * TEXT ON INSTRUMENTS: like your eyes at dusk adjust your ears to the quiet hear different sounds, sounds inherent in objects if we played the objects that surround us like instruments it would be a symphony of ordinary things adjust your approach to the objects increase your expectations of the objects Paper Roll Hold roll in two hands, divided in thirds. Unroll the paper, moving hands rhythmically, until the open end reaches below your knees. Shake unrolled paper back and forth slowly, then faster. Repeat. Roll paper back up. When rolling is complete, continue to rotate the tight roll in your hands. Gradually slow down to a stop. (hail on a roof) (gusts of rain against a window) Crumpling Crumple and crush the paper according to your own method. Open and recrumple five times. When done, throw to the ground. (first draft, second draft, third draft, fourth draft, fifth draft) Tiny Hold one in each hand. Can hold from short end or from a corner. Small flicks of the wrist give short, high-pitched sounds. Large flicks of the wrist make a louder sound. Can be played separately or together. (the heart of a hummingbird) (sailboat rigging) Long & Thin Hold one sheet in each hand, in front of your body. Vary the speed at which you flick your wrists: small movements for quiet sounds, large movements for loud sounds. Can be played separately or together. (two flags in the wind) Medium, Thick Hold at short end, one in each hand. Flick wrists with varying strength and speed to change volume and variety of sound. (air bubbles rising to the surface of water) (ducks) White Hold short end taut between your hands. Vary speed and intensity of movement to change the amount and quality of the sound. (cacophony) Thin Board Hold from the sides, near a short end. Move arms from elbows to produce sound. Vary speed and intensity of movement. You can feel the wind on your face. (helicopter) Thick Board Hold from the sides, near a short end. Move arms from elbows to produce sound. Vary speed and intensity of movement. You can feel the wind on your feet. (from inside a tunnel) Circle 1. Hold top of circle in one hand, between two fingers. Flick wrist once: move hand quickly toward you, away, and back to center. Pause briefly before flicking again. The movement will be visible in the paper like a wave. 2. Hold between two fingers. With other hand, use a knuckle to drum near the center of the circle. 3. Shake the heck out of it. 4. Sweep fingertips along the surface, following the curve. (a flat tire) (shoes scuffing on a wooden floor) Tearing Tear paper into strips. Tears can be of varying lengths, torn at varying speeds. (opening envelopes)
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