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ECHO'S For over a decade, I've been making and saving what I call "print echos" -- a byproduct of the printing process, created when paper is fed through the rollers of a press. With the Danish poet and translator Andreas Vermehren Holm, these castoffs were connected to Echo, who in Greek mythology was in love with Narcissus. Her love was damned by the gods, and her body was taken away, leaving her with only the ability to repeat the last words of other people's sentences. This book is an attempt to give Echo her body back. Echo's. Image by Megan Adie, with text by Andreas Vermehren Holm, Nora Joung, and Megan Adie. Offset and letterpress printed, Aviary Press Editions. Size: 11" x 14" Edition of 300
San Francisco - Copenhagen - Basel