Books, prints and ephemera

by two artists, Megan Adie and Imi Maufe.

Based in San Francisco, California; Bergen, Norway; Malmö, Sweden; Norfolk, England, and Basel, Switzerland.







Adie+Maufe met at the Basel International Print Residency in 2015, and have been collaborating on projects and representing each other's work at art fairs and symposia since.





Codex Book Fair and Symposium, 2017

Bristol Art Book Fair, 2017

San Francisco Art Book Fair, 2017

Cardiff Art of the Book Conference, 2015

Bergen Art Book Fair, 2015

Basel International Print Residency, 2015 & 2016


Bergen - San Francisco Norfolk - Malmö Basel

Imi Maufe

Megan Adie


British artist Imi Maufe makes books, prints, and multimedia projects both at her home in Bergen, Norway, and in residencies across Europe and the US. She has translated her travels into art works, included six weeks aboard a tall ship and a month-long bike journey in Scotland, Iceland, and Norway.

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Megan Adie is a book artist and printer based in San Francisco, California. She started the Edition/Basel printmaking residency in 2012, and currently manages the printmaking studios at the Academy of Art University in SF.